Sunday, May 4, 2014

Summer Cooler - Cucumber Spritzer

So last nite we decided to pig out at the Smokehouse Deli. Ever since this eatery has opened up its doors to the has definitely become one of my favourite places. I simply love the all white d├ęcor they have, so soothing,so summery.Now talking about Kolkata summers I really cannot find anything positive to say : (. It's scorching here and the sweltering heat is driving people crazy. The only thing that everyone is thinking about is summer to keep oneself hydrated. Guzzling glasses of soft drinks isn't going to help in any way so the way to go is to keep it fresh and healthy. Precisely the reason why I started telling you about going to SHD( short for smokehouse) is that I had this super refreshing cucumber cooler and have recreated the same in my kitchen. Nothing like a chilled glass of fresh juice spiked up with tangy flavours. Cucumbers are anyways a saviour in these hot summer months and have a lot of goodness.Here's sharing with you the recipe of this fantastic summer cooler - Cucumber Spritzer.



Cucumber - I medium - finely chopped

Mint leaves - a handful - I used dried mint leaves

Coriander - few stems

Black salt- 2 tsp - adjust according to taste

Sprite - 2 glasses

Ice cubes- few cubes


In the blender jar of the mixie put in the chopped cucumber,mint leaves,coriander and the black salt. Put few spoons of water and pulse the mixture till it gets a bit slushy. Don't grind it into a fine paste.

Now add the sprite into this mix and pulse again for few seconds.

Pour into glasses, add the ice cubes and serve chilled.

              I am sending this recipe the the ongoing event at KFB "Beat the Heat"


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  1. Even this one is mine favourite too....loved the presentation...