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Bohemian - A Delightful Dining Experience

Bohemian actually needs no review.It is by far one of the best fine dining restaurants in the city.For the longest time now I had been wanting to eat there but somehow always missed the chance. This time when we were deciding on a place to have our monthly KFB Table Meet we promptly decided upon Bohemian. It is Chef Joy Banerjee's baby and he takes great pride in it. While browsing through the menu I read his foreword where he mentions that this is a dream that he is pursuing and rightly so.The amazing spread will only leave you wanting for more. Chef Joy surely knows his forte and how amazingly rustles up fusion Bengali cuisine with elan.
Now moving on to the meet and the food. Four of us food loving bloggers reached Bohemian around lunchtime and found ourselves comfortably seated. Prior reservation definitely helped. The decor and interiors is very warm and fuzzy with a water cascade on one wall which adds to the charm of the atmosphere. 

We started with ordering the drinks and starters. There were many interesting options and I decided to order a Gondhoraj Julep(Rs.149) for myself. K and A ordered Magic Potion(Rs. 139) and Bloody January (Rs.149) respectively.The Gondhoraj Julep was a very refreshing take on our regular fresh lime soda. The subtle flavour of gondhoraj lime and zing from the coriander adds to the taste.

Next came in the starters. We decided on Paanchphoron Flavoured Chicken Escallops(Rs.299) and Vodka Soaked Prawns with Grilled Garlic Aioli(Rs. 399).Thin strips of chicken batter coated and the flavour of paanchphoron shines through.The chicken was juicy and succulent. The dish was a winner for sure. The prawns were also crumb coated , soft and juicy inside served with a garlic aioli dip. We enjoyed the starters thoroughly.

Chicken Escallops

Vodka Soaked Prawns
 Next we were to order Main course.While browsing the menu to order for starters I had already decided on the Mains. I ordered for a portion of Royal Bengal Roast Mutton with Bhuna Sauce (Rs.469) and I was simply bowled over with that dish. Succulent and soft pieces of boneless mutton assembled on top of some creamy mashed potatoes and covered with a generous portion of the bhuna sauce that was bursting with flavours.Alongside came a bowl of tossed veggies and dinner rolls. I simply fell in love with the dish so much so that I promptly decided to get a portion packed to take home for the husband.

Royal Bengal Roast Mutton with Bhuna Sauce
My fellow bloggers ordered for Bacon Wrapped Chicken Supreme bundles with Aam kashundi reduction ( Rs.399) ,Bacon Baked Tilapia with ginger and fennel (Rs.399) and Spicy Pork Curry (Rs.429). Now since I am a non pork eater I sadly couldn't taste any of those dishes but my friends were equally happy with their orders and you can read their reviews on the links mentioned below.

Bacon wrapped chicken supreme bundles

Bacon Baked Tilapia with coriander buttered rice.
I was totally full by the time I finished my dish but I insisted on sharing a portion of dessert because it would be utter injustice if we didn't taste the desserts .Each item on the menu sounded delicious but we zeroed in on a Gondhoraj Souffle (Rs.219). Like each of the dishes this one was a winner too. The subtle flavours of the lime imbibed into the creamy souffle was a delight to the taste buds.

Gondhoraj Souffle
Overall it was a great experience for all of us and we got back home with the promise to go back real soon for another round of delightful dining experience.

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So next time you are in and around Ballygunje DO NOT miss the chance to dine at 

32/4, Old Ballygunje 1st Lane,

Meal for two without alchohol - Rs. 2000 approx

Disclaimer - I have reviwed this place absolutely independently and was not compensated for the review monetarily or otherwise

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