Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Know your Kolkata Food Blogger - Lazy Tart from Antypasti

This week it's Antara Ray of the blog Antypasti. I first got to know Antara through a very popular and huge foodie forum CAL. We would interact on and off through the posts there and that was about it.. then she got married and shifted base to our very own Kolkata. She helped with the formation of the Kolkata Chapter of the Bloggers Table of Chef@Large and  also became a part of Kolkata Food Bloggers. Now coming to her blog - I find it one hell of a fun blog. The way she writes along with her easy recipes is something that appeals to me. There is this spunk in her blog ( as well as her) that makes almost an immediate connection. I met her recently and found her to be exactly the way I thought she would be - vivacious , sensible and someone who is not afraid to stand up for something she believes in!

Her blog has some very easy fun recipes that you can try anytime. And that is what we want when we are hard pressed for time and cant do elaborate stuffs. Coming to the matter of time management, life has been too hectic for me of late. But I had made up my mind of recreating one of her chose the Lazy Tarts. This one is so simple and easy to make but the end result just so amazing. I had to modify it a bit keeping in mind my 5 year old at home. Here's my version - Mini Lazy Tarts


Bourbon biscuits - 6 nos

Dark Chocolate - 1 cup ( melted in a microwave or double boiler)

Fresh cream - half cup ( I used Amul)

Butter - 1 tbsp ( at room temperature)

Whipped cream - 2 tbsp ( for decoration)

Sprinkles - 1 tsp ( for decoration)


Grind the biscuits in a grinder and mix well with the butter. Press this mixture tightly into mini tart moulds. Refrigerate for half a hour.

In a separate bowl , take the melted chocolate and add the cream in it. Mix well. Pour into the biscuit coated moulds and chill for an hour.

Take them out and decorate with whipped cream and sprinkles. It surely cant get easier than this.

Enjoy this tasty tart and think of  Antara! Do visit her blog Antypasti for some fun recipes , you are sure to love it!


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  1. Loved this version..I have never used Bourbon biscuits...this in new to me...