Friday, April 19, 2013

The leftover story - Paneer Chops

Chops as in the Bengali "chops"( Kind of fritters with stuffing) ! Alur chop , mangshor chop , dimer chop many kinds of chops !!!! So the easiest way for me to use up a bowl of leftover panner bhurji was to make these oh -so - delicious chops . All that you would need here is some boiled potatoes , breadcrumbs and oil . I however like my stuffing to be a little bit on the sweeter side so i just add some raisins , a bit of sugar , and chopped green chili quickly tossed in a little oil to give the leftover bhurji a new touch.

Ingredients :

For the stuffing:

Leftover paneer bhurji - 1 bowl

Potatoes - 2 large - boiled and mashed

Bread - 1 slice

Salt - to taste

Black pepper powder - to taste

Breadcrumbs - to coat the fritters

Oil  - for frying


Take the boiled potatoes and the slice of bread and mash it into a fine paste with salt and pepper.

Make medium sized balls with the mashed potatoes. Take it in your palm and spread it gently.

Add a tsp of the paneer filling. Close the side and give it a slightly elongated shape.

Something like this and then roll the chops in the breadcrumbs. This would make around 7 to 8 chops.

Once you are done shaping all the chops all that needs to be done is fry them and enjoy with loads of tomato ketchup.

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