Saturday, November 24, 2012

Something for lazy sunday afternoons - Simple Chicken Roast

Sundays have always been very special for me..that one day when i can literally let my foot down. No morning rush , time limit to pick up kiddo from school and all those stuffs.But in our house Sundays does mean good food! I like keeping it simple on such days. I do cook up elaborate meals at times but today I decided to do something super easy that doesn't require much supervision on my part. Both the boys in the house are chicken lovers so " Simple Chicken Roast" today. Its extremely easy and fast to make and so tasty. All you need is a nice big piece of chicken, some veggies that we use everyday and some olive oil and herbs. The good thing is that nowadays such a wide variety of dried herbs are available in the super markets. I make sure to pick up different kinds and then mix and match. Oregano and red chili flakes being my absolute favourites.

Ingredients :

Chicken - 1 piece leg or breast ( depends on what you have )

Spring onions - 4 nos ( you can easily use normal onions )

Potato - 2 nos parboiled

Tomatoes  - 2 nos , cut into halves

Crushed garlic - 5-6 pods

Olive oil - 4 tbsp

Orange juice  - 2 tbsp

Salt - to taste

Crushed peppercorns - 2 tsp

Oregano - 1 tbsp

Red chili flakes - acc to taste


First of all make a marinade with olive oil , orange juice, crushed garlic , salt,pepper,oregano and chili flakes. Mix well in a bowl.

Arrange the chicken ( make slits on the chicken piece to that it can absorb the marinade well ), potato , tomatoes , spring onions in a baking tray . Pour the marinade on top and mix well.

Bake in a 250 deg C oven for 15 mins. Then reduce the temp to 200 deg C and let it bake for another 40 mins till the chicken is tender.

Serve with buttered rice. This dish has a scope for a lot of can add mushrooms, baby corn, cauliflower...the list is endless. So here's hoping that you are going to give it a try with your own twists to it!!

Happy Sunday to all.

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