Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cheesy Corn Souffle and some fond memories.

Some food can be so comforting at times and this one is one such dish. The first time i tasted this one dish it was made by my mother-in-law and i immediately fell in love with it. I mean a combination of cheese and corn can only be so heavenly.Over the years i have kind of mastered this dish and have been making it in a lot of variations.Sometimes I would turn it into a mushroom - corn souffle or at times would just dunk in chicken pieces into it..but truly whatever i have done with this dish it has always turned out to be a winner.So today I am sharing with you the original of course can add your own twists to it!


Sweet corn kernels( par boiled) - 2 cups

Egg - 1 nos

Cream - half a cup ( alternatively you could also use milk)

Grated Cheddar cheese - half cup

Salt - to taste

pepper -to taste

Mozzarella /Pizza cheese - for topping


Coarsely grind in a mixer the following : sweet corn kernels,grated cheese,cream, salt and pepper.

Pour the mixture into a baking dish , top with the grated mozzarella / pizza cheese and bake for 25 mins at 200 degrees Celsius.

You can of course add your own variations to the same  by adding mushrooms, sausages, bacon bits,boiled chicken or some mixed herbs.

So go ahead, experiment and create a beautiful dish.

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