Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Detox Series - Wholewheat Pasta in a Chunky Tomato Sauce

Pasta is a saviour, it has always saved me whenever I have got stuck wondering what to cook for lunch/dinner.And it is again a family favourite. The wholewheat pasta however not so much. Never tried it before to be honest. But in my quest to eat and cook healthy detox meals I had to give it a shot. Fab India again has a very good collection of organic pastas. I picked up a packet of Machiato Rigatoni which is basically aata pasta! Keeping in mind how wholewheat pasta would taste i thought it would be best to cook up a robust spicy sauce to serve with it. So here's the recipe of Wholewheat Pasta in a chunky Tomato sauce


Wholewheat pasta - 1 cup - boiled & drained al dente as per instruction on the pack.

Green tomatoes - 2 small - roughly chopped

Tomatoes - 2 medium - roughly chopped

Onion - 1 medium - roughly chopped

Mushrooms - half a cup - thinly sliced

Olive oil - 1 tsp

Oregano - 1 tbsp. - use herbs as per your choice

Parsley - a handful - chopped

Salt - to taste

Pepper - taste

Chili flakes - 1 tsp


In a pan boil bring water to boil. Add 2 tbsp. of salt. Add the pasta and cook for 7-8 mins. Drain and run it under some cold water. Add a little olive oil,mix well and keep aside.

In a non-stick pan add 1 tsp olive oil. Add the chopped onion ans sauté till translucent. Next add the chopped tomatoes and sauté for another 2 mins. Add oregano,red chili flakes, salt and pepper. Cover and let the tomatoes cook till soft and mushy.

Next add the sliced mushrooms and cook for a min. Add the boiled pasta , mix well , garnish with chopped parsley and serve hot.


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