Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chicken Rezala - Super Easy Recipe

Now there are thousand of recipes to make the Rezala and it is mostly made with mutton. But since chicken is the preferable choice of meat I decided to make the chicken version. Well now Kolkata is famous for its Chaaps and Rezala. Lots of heritage eating places like Shiraaz , Aminia , Arasalan who does a fabulous job of the Rezala. I have had the rezala at all these places but the home made version is something so delicious.Basically it is a stew dish , slow cooked and the use of minimal ingredients. Here I have used boneless leg of the chicken but you could use with bones ( actually it would be best to do it with mutton ). The star of this dish I would say is the Kewra essence that is added at the end which makes it so very fragrant and beautiful.

Ingredients :

Chicken boneless - 400 gms ( you could easily use curry cut or mutton , but pls avoid boneless breast pieces )

Curd - 1 cup

Whole spices 
Dry red chillies - 3-4 nos
Cardamom - 3-4 nos
Cinnamon - few sticks
Cloves - a few

Cashew paste - 2 tbsp ( soak the cashews in some hot water before making a paste)

Fried onion paste - 2 tbsp

Salt- to taste

Sugar - 1 tsp

Kewra essence  1 tsp

Ghee - 2 tbsp


Take the cleaned chicken and marinate with the curd,salt,sugar and keep aside for half hour.

In a non stick deep pan add the ghee. Once heated add the whole spices. Once they splutter add the chicken along with the curd marinade.

Cover and let it cook for 10 mins.

By the now the curd would have become a bit watery. Remove the cover and let it cook for another 10 mins. The gravy with be a bit thick by now.

Add the cashew paste , fried onion paste and mix well.Cook for a while or till the chicken is cooked.

Add the Kewra essence and remove from heat. Serve hot with rice.



  1. Pls pass it to me i will finish off really it looking soooooo yummy....

  2. Mouthwatering recipe. Thanks for sharing this.